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Trained staff can save lives!
Ensure that your staff are proficient in fire safety can safe lives in the event of a fire - we can help you.
Fire Alarms Exeter
Fire Alarm
Fire Alarms Exeter
Staff Fire Safety Training
Fire alarms are important, but staff training is essential to the safeguarding of life and property.
With a team that is able to remain calm and follow procedure you can help to reduce
both risk and damage.
Fire Alarms Exeter
Under the Fire safety Order 2005 it is legal requirement in the UK for staff to receive fire training from the employer.

At Westcountry Fire Protection we can meet all the requirements with a full range of quality training both in house and through our consultancy service. There are a range of services available as follows.

On Site Training

These courses are tailor made to suit the client’s specific requirements. All courses are IFE approved and are conducted under the auspices of ex Fire Officers.

Fire Safety Training

For staff members to gain full benefit from training we ensure that the course is suited to their relevant job role. Such an example would be the fire extinguisher course which would be ideal for any staff members who may be expected to tackle small fires using portable extinguishers. On hiring new employees it is critical that their existing fire knowledge is assessed. This may not always be possible and thus the utilisation of our dedicated instructors is essential.
Staff Fire Training Exeter
Some businesses will also need to appoint Fire Marshall's as part of their procedures, these will require additional training in order that they can both understand their role and carry out their duties. Our courses will provide the full knowledge necessary for these roles pertaining to effective evacuation and methods of fire prevention.

Fire Safety

Our training courses include the following:

A. Current fire legislation
B. The effects of Fire on Companies.
C. Chemical processes which result in fire
D. The causes of fire
E. Evacuation procedures
F. Staff reactions to fire
G. Fire protection methods
H. Fire extinguisher training

Fire Risk Assessment

As a result of the introduction of the Regulatory Reform(Fire Safety) risk assessments must be carried out by a “responsible person” on a regular basis. A fire management plan must also be enacted. The risk assessment must include an identification of the fire hazards, the persons at risk from fire and ways in which risk can be minimised. We can provide a fire risk assessment which will provide an action plan which works towards reducing the risk of fire. This can take place in one day and after the risk assessment recommendations regarding the fire safety are made known. We can offer training to ensure that the fire safety proposals are adhered to.

Fire Extinguisher Training

This course covers the following:

A. The process of Fire Extinguisher identification
B. Selecting the correct extinguisher for the applicable fire
C. Fire Extinguisher features
D. Practical demonstrations

Many of our courses include live fire fighting demonstrations. This is a valuable tool in staff gaining practical experience of fighting fires. All the courses comply with IFE regulations and trainees will be given certificates thus granting third party recognition of the skills they have gained. We also offer a specific approach to programmes to tailor them to your business requirements.

The courses include the following elements:
A. Fire extinguisher location.
B. Fire Drills and evacuation procedures
C. Recognition and assessments of fire risks at the workplace
D. General Fire Safety methodology and procedures
E. The roles of staff members in the event of fire

Our Staff draw on many years of experience in the Fire Service.

As a result all our programmes are presented in a professional and effective manner. The courses are user friendly allowing all trainees to obtain the maximum benefit from their attendance. What ever your needs Westcountry Fire Protection has the course for you at a price you can afford.
Ensure that your staff have the training they need to remain safe
With the help of our team, your staff can be provided the training they need to remain safe and follow procedure should a fire break out within your property. Speak with us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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