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Fire Protection Torbay Fire Protection Torbay
Fire Protection Torbay Fire Protection Torbay
Fire Protection Torbay Fire Protection Torbay
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At Westcountry Fire Protection we ensure HMO (house of multiple occupancy) properties have appropriate and adequate safety measures in place to ensure all occupants are safe and protected from the threat of fire.
Are you aware of the legal responsibilities for fire protection as a landlord?
As a landlord or building owner, you are responsible to ensure your HMO (house of multiple occupancy) property has appropriate and adequate fire protection in place to ensure you avoid the legal ramifications should a fire occur in your property.

At Westcountry Fire Protection we have a wealth of experience in ensuring both commercial and residential HMO buildings are up to BS5839 fire safety standards. If you are unaware of the ramifications of not meeting these standards, please get in touch with our team today who will be able to assist you.
Are your residents aware of your fire safety procedures?
As a landlord you have a legal obligation to ensure your tenants are made aware of fire safety procedures in place. If you are not complying with this you are liable for the consequences.
Fire Protection Torbay
Fire Protection Torbay
Are your fire systems up to date?
Do you know when the last time your fire alarm was service or when it was installed? You may need to have a new one installed to ensure your building is up to BS5389 standards.
Fire Protection Torbay
Has your property had a proper safety check carried out?
HMO buildings must have a gas safety check once a year and their electrics checked every 5 years as well.
Fire Protection Torbay
Do you have a plan in place for alerts & evacuations?
The plan you have in place for alerts, evacuations and fire safety equipment is of the utmost importance.
Fire Protection Torbay
Have you been made aware of your responsibilities?
Landlords of HMO properties have certain fire safety responsibilities that apply beyond those required for a single occupancy property.
When it comes to fire protection, there is no excuse for loss of life especially because of the ramifications it entails as a landlord.

At Westcountry Fire Protection we help ensure landlords of HMO (house of multiple occupancy) properties understand the importance of fire protection by installing, servicing and maintaining fire systems that ensure your property is up to legal fire safety standards.
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Varying factors will affect whether or not you have to ensure your property complies to legislation for commercial HMO buildings or residential HMO buildings.
Commercial HMO Requirements
As a landlord or building owner for a commercial HMO building you need to ensure:
Fire Protection Torbay An addressable fire system is installed
Fire Protection Torbay Fire extinguishers have been supplied
Fire Protection Torbay Have a licence from your local council
Fire Protection Torbay Up to date fire risk assessment
Fire Protection Torbay Emergency lighting
Fire Protection Torbay Multiple escape routes in place
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Fire Protection Torbay
Residential HMO requirements
As a landlord for a residential HMO property you need to ensure:
Fire Protection Torbay Up to date gas safety certificate
Fire Protection Torbay Up to date fire risk assessment
Fire Protection Torbay Fire alarms have been installed
Fire Protection Torbay Smoke alarms have been installed
Fire Protection Torbay Emergency lighting
Fire Protection Torbay Escape routes incase of fire
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False alarms rates are very high from individual flats and are costly for the emergency services to visit to and a waste of their time.

We install state of the art, reliable and proven addressable fire alarm systems that ensure false alarms are a thing of the past. Furthermore, we can install hush buttons that are wired to a fire detector which give the occupant the ability to silence the alarm if its has been triggered by accident. If you would like to know more about this please speak to our Torbay team today.
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Are your tenants aware of the Stay Put Policy?
In the event of a fire you will want to evacuate the building as quickly as possible however this in some cases is the wrong procedure.

In a residential HMO situation, many fire brigades will insist on using the stay put policy as it means stairwells, access points of a building remain clear allowing them to access the situation and isolate a fire more quickly. If your particular building is over a particular size, then the fire brigade will stage a phased evacuation of the building.
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Fire Protection Torbay
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Fire Protection Torbay
Fire Protection Torbay
We can help ensure you remain compliant with the law
With our wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry, our Torbay engineers can help ensure your property has adequate and
appropriate fire safety measures in place.
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