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Fire & smoke dampers, installation, maintenance

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Smoke Dampers

Damper Installation & Maintenance

if a damper fails to work or only partially works it can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Proper installation, regular testing and maintenance is crucial. The dampers are designed to stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases throughout a building.

Fire/Smoke Damper Installation,Testing & Maintenance

Containment of a fire is vitally important to support safe evacuation of a building, reducing damage and assisting the fire services to help beat a blaze.

Fire Dampers

The main purpose of a fire damper is to prevent flame from crossing a fire barrier. They’re installed near the wall or floor, as appropriate, and are effectively a part of the barrier they protect the integrity of. Fire dampers respond to heat, when the temperature reaches a set point the damper slams shut.

Smoke Dampers

For the purpose of resisting the passage of smoke, toxic gases and air through a fire barrier, smoke dampers detect smoke and are designed to close automatically, though they can also be activated remotely. They provide valuable time in preventing these deadly components of a fire, from causing loss of life from the inhalation of the smoke and toxic gases.

Fire/Smoke Dampers

The combination fire/smoke damper is widely considered to offer the best of both worlds, when it comes to protection.

They are utilised when the design of ducting requires both a fire damper and a smoke damper, and either high temperature or smoke detection is the trigger for closure.

Unlike fire dampers, combination dampers do not have a fusible link, but rather, once triggered, operate on an electronic release. This closes the damper more slowly and prevents pressure problems in HVAC systems.

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